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Who can alarm the SHS?

Everyone - that means government authorities, consulates, crisis staffs, mayor, relief organizations, emergency services, broadcasting stations etc..


When should the SHS be alarmed? 

As early as possible - as sonn as there are messages to a larger number of buried alive victims under the rubble


How can the SHS by alarmed?

Call alert phone number +49 172 7651629 or +49 172 7630512 - we are every day - day and night- ready for action (sorry we only speak german or english)


How long does it take until the SHS arrives in the seismic zone ?

We are operational within 3 hours after an alerting. For the travel to the next airport (Stuttgart / Germany - Basel or Zurich / Switzerland) we need 3-5 hours. The flying time into the country concerned depends on the distance.

The time which we need from the airport into the destroyed areas is dependently from the support of the authorities of the country.


How many teams of the SHS are available? 

We have at present approx. 15 operational teams. In case of an earthquake there are used however only 5 teams, 1 aid and an interpreter. That is because of the fact that for a larger number usually no free flight possibility exists for us. Also the transport from the airport into the seismic zone is with difficulty if a larger number of teams and much luggage must be transported.

Certainly we work together with a german USAR Squad, with heavy rescue equipment.


How long can be the teams with an earthquake in the use? 

Usually we are at the most 5 days in the use - for this time we are equipped also with meals and water. 120 hours after an earthquake there are normally no more chances of survival for the buried ones.


More informations about search and rescue dogs needed?  

At this german site you find all special informations about search and rescue dogs, all adresses of german rescue organisations and worldwide links to organisations in other countries.

www.suchhunde.de or www.suchhunde.com

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